About Us
We are Dad, daughters Kate and Barb, and little sisters Kayla and Nelly.
DAD, who answers as well to "Grandpa" "Pops" or "Papa", is the designer of this website. He will be found at the center of any project involving the improvement or maintenance of our Mansfield Woods facilities. Dad comes to Mansfield Woods well qualified for this activity. He is "retired" after forty years of experience in the electronics manufacturing industry, including many years in technical customer service, manufacturing engineering, quality assurance, and management. In the sixteen years prior to joining his two older daughters here, Dad was an active volunteer in charitable causes. The last seven of these years was spent in Central Asia, where he founded and operated an organization supporting the needs of sick and disabled Asian children. While living there Dad adopted two little Asian girls, our Kayla and Nelly, who now accompany Dad, Kate, and Barb in this enterprise. Ask Dad how he feels about coming home with his two little ones, to his two older daughters, and our blessed free America.
KATE has returned to her farm country roots, after 25 years as a professional. She spent several years in management positions for a hotel, restaurant and catering business while working her way through college and graduate school. As an active volunteer in several non-profit organizations, she gained experience planning and organizing many different kinds of events, from retreats and conferences to theatrical productions and crafts fairs. She uses that knowledge and expertise here at Mansfield Woods. Kate especially enjoys creating a party concept or theme based upon the host's particular interests.
BARB's dream come true, and the culmination of years of hard work and planning, is Mansfield Woods. She loves being around new people, and our guests' comfort and enjoyment are her goal in this enterprise. After 30 years in the restaurant and public service industry she has moved on to here, to try her hand at being her own boss. She's an excellent baker. For special events she can bake a variety of specialty cakes, like her seven layer Reese's cake with Ghirardelli chocolate, mousse filling, and enough calories to last you til next year. She's an avid fisher person and loves the outdoors. Her plans include expansion of our cottages and a steakhouse for our guests' enjoyment.
We invite you to join our family and share this beautiful place with us!