These listings are of attractions within our local Ozarks area. We have limited this list to those attractions within a maximum estimated driving time of 90 minutes, or approximately an 85 mile radius. What we are about, after all, is relaxation, peace, and beauty. We choose not to encourage long automobile trips, and the stress they create, during your stay with us.
It would be impossible to include all the attractions available within the area we have defined. We have included here those that we believe would be of most interest. For each attraction, the information is in the following order: Miles from Mansfield Woods, Name of attraction, Nearest city (sometimes, like in the case of a long river, many towns are involved. We try to name one where facilities are extensive), Brief description, and Major activities available. If you click on the name of the attraction, it will take you to a website for further information.
We do our best to keep this information accurate. Still, we strongly urge you to check with the attraction's web site or phone number before you visit there, to ensure that the information we have provided here remains the most current.
Our last section is for shoppers. We list the name of the market, a brief description, and the address & phone number. In most cases in this section there is no website. For those few available, we include a link for more information.
Under each heading the attractions are listed in order of mileage from Mansfield Woods. Click on the heading.
OUTDOORS (Boat, Camp, Canoe, Fish, Hike, Hunt, Swim)
AMUSEMENT (Entertainment, Excursions, Caves, Caverns)